By Wayne Weible


Every year at this time, there is actually more peace in our troubled world than at any other time. It comes as people pause to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even members of other religions recognize this as a special time. Factions at war usually declare a time of peace, brief though it may be. Yes, for a few miraculous moments, there truly is a time of peace in the world.


In celebration of this time of peace, let us take a look in the past to see what Mary of Medjugorje has had to say to us on this special holy day. As you know, she gives a message meant for the world on the 25th day of each month; of course the messages given in December are special, as we shall see.


From the first Medjugorje Christmas message, Our Lady stresses the message of peace: December 25, 1981: The visionaries see Baby Jesus (with Mary). She says to them: Love one another, my children. You are brothers and sisters. Don't argue among yourselves. Give glory to God, glorify Him and sing, my angels.


How about this one given not on Christmas Day but December 27, 1984: Dear children! This Christmas Satan wanted in a special way to spoil God's plans. You, dear children, have discerned Satan even on Christmas day itself. But God is winning in all your hearts. So let your hearts keep on being happy. Thank you for having responded to my call. Even then, she warns of Satan’s attempts to take away the true peace. Nothing has changed today. He is still out there, wanting to destroy God’s peace in His creation.


The Mother of Peace is now in full motion having come to us for many years. We are surprised she is still appearing. Listen to this extended message given on December 25, 1991: Dear children! Today in a special way I bring the little Jesus to you, that He may bless you with His blessing of peace and love. Dear children, do not forget that this is a grace which many people neither understand nor accept. Therefore, you who have said that you are mine, and seek my help, give all of yourself. First of all, give your love and example in your families. You say that Christmas is a family feast. Therefore, dear children, put God in the first place in your families, so that He may give you peace and may protect you not only from war, but also in peace protect you from every satanic attack. When God is with you, you have everything. But when you do not want Him, then you are miserable and lost, and you do not know on whose side you are. Therefore, dear children, decide for God. Then you will get everything. Thank you for having responded to my call. Mary never stops protecting us from the evil one—even on this special day of peace. She is the constant, loving, teaching mother of goodness.


It continues with the message of December 25, 2001: Dear children! I call you today and encourage you to prayer for peace.  Especially today I call you, carrying the newborn Jesus in my arms for you, to unite with Him through prayer and to become a sign to this peaceless world. Encourage each other, little children, to prayer and love. May your faith be an encouragement to others to believe and to love more. I bless you all and call you to be closer to my heart and to the heart of little Jesus.  Thank you for having responded to my call.


And then came the most special message of all Christmas Day messages, December 25, 2012. The infant Jesus appears in the arms of His mother Mary, who says nothing but is radiant with joy. Shockingly, little Jesus begins to speak and says to us: I am your peace, live my commandments. With a sign of the cross, Our Lady and little Jesus then blessed everyone.


This, then, this special time of peace, let us carry it forward as far as we can go. May we hear Mary’s words of peace, which comes to us directly from the throne of God, in every waking moment of our lives.


The grace, peace and love of Jesus be with each of us. May you have the holiest of Christmases from all of us at Weible Columns.