By Wayne Weible


Bear with me as I follow the format that is as old as Christmas itself. That format is to make a list of special “presents” one desires for this Holy Christmas season. My list comes from the depth of my heart and is a desired list of gifts meant to benefit everyone.

Why just five gifts? I base them on the five foundational stones of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje. The five stones, which I see as great heavenly gifts, are Holy Mass, confession, prayer, fasting and penance. My desired gifts are dependent on all of us involved in Medjugorje to employ the five stones in daily life, as you will see in my list.

So, here it is, my five desired gifts for this Christmas and beyond:


1) FOR TRUE PEACE. I mean real peace, one that lasts ad infinitum and is not just for a few days before or after Christmas. Peace as in NO WAR ANYWHERE! Not just for an uneasy period and then resumption of the killing. Peace as in the application of the Ten Commandments to all who wish to engage in the murderous killing in war of those who are not like them, or believe like them or look like them or act like them, etc. Peace in families amongst all members—meaning no divorces or separations or estrangements. Peace in following God’s Commandments in all phases of life. Peace in the conducting of business from the smallest firms to the mega corporations. Peace in that all business will be conducted honestly and sincerely. There’s plenty more that could be added here, but . . .

2) AN END TO ABORTION. That it ends completely with no exceptions. Especially for all of those who see abortion as a woman’s right or a constitutional right or a political right. For all who believe in this way to truly see the light of truth and to recognize it is murder of the most innocent, the unborn. And, for them to convert to the true belief that life is a gift from God and only God determines its beginning and its end.

3) AN END TO THE DEATH PENALTY. Is it really any different to kill those who have committed violent crimes of killing, than it is the unborn? Can one say I am pro life but I believe in the death penalty? Is it not a contradiction? The Commandment of God says: “You shall not kill!” There are no shades of grey on either side of this holy commandment. It is direct and clear. One need only reflect that God sent His only begotten Son to die a horrible human death as salvation for all who would sincerely accept it.

4) RESTORATION OF FAITH. What has happened to faith in God throughout the world? In Europe, it seems that men in general have given up the faith. Only elderly men attend Holy Mass; the majority of attendees are women. Overall, less than 30 per cent actually attend on a regular basis. This is true in France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom; all countries that have been richly blessed by apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout their history. In short: Church (belief in God) is out; humanism (belief in man) is in. or, call it secularism; or political correctness, where each living individual’s rights are exaggerated to the extreme, with no acknowledgement of divine origination or direction. The created have dismissed the Creator.

5) PUTTING GOD BACK INTO AMERICA. And here it is—the most desired of all the five gifts of Christmas. My major stone. There is solid, written proof that this country of the United States of America was founded on FAITH! It entailed Judeo-Christian values as the new America values. It is still on display today, despite the constant quest of atheists, agnostics et al battling non-stop to secularize the greatest country in the history of the world. The closing line of every political person running for public office is” “God bless America!” Every American president uses this as a closing line to all speeches, regardless of their faith belief. Every session of Congress begins with a prayer to the Creator. Our currency contains the line: “In God we trust.” There’s so much more. Yet today, there is no prayer in school; there can be no Christian displays at Christmas even though the “holiday” is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Christianity is out; political correctness is in. Pray America, pray!

Clearly, the very best gift of Christmas is the one peace that passes all understanding that is available to all of God’s creation through a true, sincere and active faith in Jesus Christ. He is the Gift of Christmas.


May we wish all of you a holy Christmas!

The peace, grace and love of Jesus be with each of you.

--Wayne Weible